Art and Work
Is the art of bonsai really an art ?
What relationship exists or can exist between bonsai and other forms of art ?

These thoughts serve to create connections between art and art, bonsai and environment, space and time, simbols and nature and to obtain an expression where all these thoughts and harmoniously intertwined.

My personal view towards the art of bonsai is in continual experimentation,
trying to create an integrated environment where nature, music and visual art are connected.
Where simbol and life are united beyond the simple vase, embracing as much as possible the emotions of the people involved.

I seek balance and harmony in the shapes of my bonsai and in the unaltered rythym of the life of the plants which correspond to that of my interior life, but moments of great inspiration come from my individual crises when suffering makes me more instinctive and my deepest images flow easier.

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